Meet the GrayPawsTM Wolf Family!


These 4 animal figurines come from Honeysuckle Hollow! There is Dad Miles,Mom Meg and their two children Luna and Maverick. They are so fun to play with! Their jointed heads,arms and legs rotate,they have a super soft gray fur and they can stand on their feet! Like all their Honeysuckle Hollow neighbors,the GrayPawsTM have a very special job. They own the town General Store! They sell fruits,veggies,candy and everything else their friends need!


Follow their amazing adventures in the included storybook “Lemons Galore at the General Store”. Luna and Maverick help to make more space as Miles and Meg are expecting a big delivery of strawberries and raspberries. But instead,they receive tons of lemons they cannot return! But the GrayPawsTM kids always have a smart solution in mind! Everybody knows the saying: when life gives you lemon,make lemonade! Luna and Maverick are ready to sell their delicious lemonade! Thanks to their great idea,they may be able to help the library buy more books!

Set includes 2 parents, 2 kids and a family storybook.

Encourages Imagination: Create your very own Honeysuckle Hollow universe!

Plays Well: Compatible with all your Li’l Woodzee and most competitor toys.

Recommended Age: Suitable for kids aged 3 and over.

Product Dimensions, ‎19.05 x 8.89 x 16.21 cm; 200 Grams

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