The transformation from FurFluffs fluffy ball into an adorable kitten is magical. With love, stroking and activity, the child ensures that the fur ball first comes to life with noises and then with ears, eyes and snout into a lovable kitten. Since such a transformation makes you very hungry, you tilt the kitten forward and hear cute smacking noises, as if it is actually eating.


Strengthened, it then goes by tilting left and right into the music mode, in which the kitten dances and sings. With over 100 sounds and reactions and many fun ways to play, lots of fun and entertainment is guaranteed. But watch out: If you frighten the little animal, it will withdraw again and you have to regain your trust before it shows up again. FurFluffs are also available (separately) as a cute purple puppy.



With a little love, the ball of fluff transforms into a cute kitten

With shimmering ears, expressive eyes and a cute little moustache

After the first interactions like petting or rolling, the fur ball comes alive

With different sounds and even somersaults

Once the Fluffy has turned into a kitten, there are countless play possibilities

If you tilt it forward, it makes a smacking noise as if it were eating

Tilt it left and right and it will start dancing and singing to music

The FurFluffs kitten can also hiccup, which is best stopped by tapping

Batteries required: 3 x AA (included)



1x Furfluffs Kitty, 1x QuickStart Guide, 1x Instruction Manual

Product Dimensions, ‎20.32 x 13.34 x 20.32 cm; 387.82 Grams

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Dimensions 20 × 13 × 20 cm


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