Evi Love is Steffi Love’s little sister. Just Like Steffi, Evi has beautiful long hair, countless hobbies, loves animals and is always perfectly dressed for every occasion. Children will love storytelling with this cute car and doll from the Evi Love range. Girls can style and dress their Evi Love doll in all current fashion trends. Evi has her own cute car and, true to form, it is pink and shaped like a mouse with a really friendly face! To go touring, little Evi wears a pretty light blue floral dress accessorised with pink sunglasses and matching sandals. Evi Love is 12cm tall and is suitable for children aged 3 years and up. Don’t forget to browse the rest of the Evi Love range, where you’ll find plenty more dolls, playsets and accessories to inspire their imaginations (each sold separately).

Features and Benefits:

12cm doll with dress, shoes & sunglasses with car.

With doll play, children entertain themselves and learn how to understand the world they’re actively engaged in.

Putting their dolls to sleep, feeding them or dressing them, makes their tender and nurturing side (empathy) flourish.

Doll play also teaches children to put into practice their fine and gross motor skills as well as creating their tastes and their personality.

Playing with dolls is part of healthy development because it allows children to free their minds and delve into their imagination and creativity.

Product Dimensions, ‎11 x 14 x 16 cm; 180 Grams

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Dimensions 11 × 14 × 16 cm


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