​Inspired by the beloved animated characters from the Disney Frozen movies, Snow Color Reveal™ dolls have 6 magical surprises in each package! Styles may vary, includes 1 doll playset.

Kids start the fun by opening the tube and pulling out a mystery doll covered in Color Reveal™ coating, plus 3 bags with hidden surprises!

Then they fill the tube with water, activating the snow-like compound. They place the small doll inside and shake to magically reveal the character!

The fun continues with 3 bags of surprises that contain a regal cape, an adorable friend figure and 3 magical accessories, including a ring for the child.

The package lid is also a fun hair accessory for the child!

Mystery characters include Anna and Elsa dolls from both Disney Frozen and Disney Frozen 2. Fans can collect them all!

Makes a perfect gift for kids to play out their favorite Disney Frozen scenes or make up their own exciting adventures!

Includes 1 doll, 1 figure, 4 accessories and 1 hair accessory for child.

Dimensions/Size: 8.89cm (H) x 3.17cm (W) x 1.9cm (D)

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Dimensions 2 × 4 × 9 cm


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