Kids can now actually see how a crane operates with this 1 metre tall toy crane that can lift things. The giant crane can move up and down and turn right and left as you want it to go. The cabin has space for a figure of an operator to be placed in it. Attached to it is a cable remote which gives you control of this giant toy. The tall crane is yellow in colour that sits on a broad and solid cross shape base firmly on the ground. The hook works flawlessly and can pick things, for instance, a bucket that is available in the accessories that come with it. You need 4 AAA batteries for the remote to function and the crane to operate. It is made from sturdy materials that will ensure that the toy lasts for a long time. It is perfect for children to learn how vehicles function. Children can recreate various scenes from everyday construction sites during their imaginative play. It is great for playing along or along with their friends and siblings. Surprise the children with this giant crane on special occasions like their Birthday, Christmas, Easter, or other festive days. Dickie Toys Remote Control Giant Crane 1m Tall is recommended for children of ages 3 years and above.


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Carton Dimensions:

34.00cm x 9.00cm x 68.00cm

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Weight 1.23 kg
Dimensions 34 × 9 × 68 cm


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