Beep, beep! With super-cute details, this Barbie® lemonade truck has everything you need and more to make iced fruit drinks. It offers a two-in-one play experience: open the truck to use the staging area, or close it up and ride on a hot summer day! The side of the truck transforms into an outdoor dining area with a counter and chair. It’s the perfect playset for a Barbie® doll who wants to start her own food business! Doll not included. Colors and decorations may vary.


This Barbie® lemonade truck playset includes 25 storytelling pieces, offering everything a Barbie® can dream of making the tastiest drinks in town! Doll not included.

With the colors of pink lemonade in pastel pink tones, this adorable truck is tailor-made for cruising along the boardwalk on a sunny day! Details, such as a sunroof, add even more charm.

The driver’s side converts to an ordering window and dining area with an awning and food counter. Dolls can pull up a chair and drink their lemonade in the shade! Dolls sold separately.

Open the two-in-one truck to discover the staging area and its full potential for play! Store supplies in the fridge, heat hot dogs on the cooktop, mix drinks on the counter, and much more!

Colorful accessories like an ordering tablet, blender, basket, fruit, juicer, drinking cups, hot dog and spatula add to the playtime fun.

1 car set, 1 chair and 23 accessories. Doll not included.

Dimensions: 18L x 43.6W x 26.3H cm

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 43.6 × 23 cm


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