ABC – Police station – with two police cars with ramp and functions.


The large station (49cm x 17cm x 30cm) features a rooftop car park for parking the police cars until their next mission. There is also a cool rotating platform, as well as a picture carousel. In addition, the station has numerous doors and windows, all of which can be opened for an even more realistic experience. The vehicles can be parked in the garage after they return to the police station. The garage has an opening door on the front, as well as an open window at the rear.


The police station is packed with fun features. It includes two small cars, a criminal cell with a raccoon, and a guard to ensure that there is no mischief.


The police station comes with a long ramp for launching the toy cars into action. The cars are modelled on a BYD vehicle and are perfect for engaging in police-themed role play.


The police station’s brightly coloured design is guaranteed to keep your little one entertained. Thanks to the large parts and rounded edges, it is also suitable for young children. The station helps to improve hand-eye coordination and allows your little one to explore the world through play.


Ages: 2+

49cm x 17cm x 30cm)

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Dimensions 49 × 17 × 30 cm


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